Tired of Countless Duplicate Photos on Your Phone? This App Has a Solution for That Too

Tired of Countless Duplicate Photos on Your Phone? This App Has a Solution for That Too

Tens of duplicate photos clogging up your device’s storage? Using Remo Duplicate Photo Remover, you can quickly scan your phone’s memory and delete duplicate files.

This tool, one of the most recognisable in Remo’s storage management suite, is designed to locate, preview, and delete duplicate photos.

With over a million downloads, the app uses Remo’s proprietary intelligent De-Dupe Algorithm to scan and locate similar photos taken in burst mode or HDR photo mode. Remove resized and similar images received via instant messaging applications and social media as soon as possible.

On average, 17% of photos on your device are identical copies of the original, compromising phone memory and performance.

So why keep them when you don’t need them?!!

“Remove Duplicates- Organize & Optimize your Phone”

The app scans for duplicate or similar photos and displays them in groups. It then gives you the option of deleting the duplicate photos by selecting the entire set or a subset of them. The best part is that even if you delete the entire set, you will still have one copy of the photo. Cheers!!!

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— Scan modes for smart de-duplication:

— Look for similar photos: Images that are similar but not identical, such as those with the same background but different tilts.

— Scan for exact photos: Exact scan searches through all images and finds photos that are identical.

  • Duplicate preview

— View duplicate photos in sets: After scanning your phone, the photos are organised into sets for easy viewing of identical or similar images.

— Determine Memory Consumed: Shows the amount of memory consumed by duplicate images after scanning the phone.

— App Runs in the Background: The app works in the background to find duplicate images while you perform other tasks on your phone. The number of images in your phone determines the scan time.

— Maintains a single copy: Keeps one original image even if the entire set is deleted.

— Investigate the number of duplicates: The user can even keep track of the number of images deleted from the phone memory.

— Removes scanned duplicates in seconds: Once scanned, removing duplicate photos takes only a few seconds.


The Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app assists you in removing duplicate photos from your iPhone. It significantly simplifies the tedious task of locating and deleting duplicate images in the iPhoto library.

Remove similar or exact duplicate photos from your iPhone in just a few taps to free up a lot of space.

Features and Advantages:

• Remove duplicate images that are identical.

• Remove images that are nearly identical regardless of name.

• In all image groups, mark or unmark duplicate images.

• Keeps one best copy safe in each group automatically.

• View images in preview mode before deleting them.

• Retrieve image information such as the date, resolution, and size.

What’s special?

• A straightforward and user-friendly interface

• Strong and precise scanning algorithm

• Start with a simple drag option.

• Start scanning for duplicates with a simple drag.

• Quickly regain a massive amount of free space

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