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Learn English through enjoyable mini-lessons that feel like games! Every day, use the free app to quickly improve your spoken English. Duolingo will help you improve your English while also having fun. Short lessons allow you to practise speaking, reading, listening, and writing in order to improve your vocabulary and English pronunciation. Begin with simple phrases and sentences and add new words on a daily basis. Duolingo is revolutionising the way people learn languages all over the world.

Literally, the BEST OF THE BEST!! It explains all of the minor details, such as the subject, verb, and some minor exceptions in each statement, and so on. This is the app we require to learn a new language. It literally considers the smallest details that need to be addressed. What’s more,

If you want to learn a language from the ground up, this is a great place to begin. It will motivate you to keep going, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you can branch out. It aids in the development of confidence. The issues I’ve encountered are as follows: -Occasionally, voice recognition does not work properly. People have expressed their dissatisfaction in the comments section of those questions. -It’s not great for building your foundation or learning grammar in a language (at least in Spanish), but it’s great for learning how to converse. 3.5 stars

This app is fantastic. I use it almost every day, but because I use a tablet and animation, speaking lessons, and listening lessons aren’t available, I can’t do anything. I gave it four stars because there are no animation speaking or listening lessons available. There are only writing lessons. Please fix this. I hope you can improve it.

In Duolingo, you also teach tenses. It is a fantastic app, but how can we use it if we do not understand the tenses? Also, please add a new event and task every month; otherwise, it will become tedious. When I first downloaded this app, I was very excited, but when I saw that there were no events or tasks, I deleted it. Download this app once more. Please pay close attention to what I’m saying.

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