KSEB Bill Calculator App for Android

KSEB Bill Calculator App

This calculator is designed to compute the amount of an electric bill based on the number of units consumed. Actual bills may differ depending on the consumer’s status. Energy Charge/Fixed Charge is adjusted when a fraction of a rupee is rounded off in the final bill amount.

KSEB Bill Calculator App FEATURES

  • Calculate your bill and plan your Electricity consumption.
  • Pay Online
  • Multiple Tariffs Included
  • K.S.E.B Customer Care

Enter the consumed unit in kWh or units and choose the mode of supply (1 Ph or 3 ph). Then click the calculate button to get the KSEB Bill amount. The clear option is used to remove the value from a field. The calculator operates on a two-month consumption basis.

This month’s metre reading must be divided by two, and the charge must be calculated separately.

The total will be the actual charge.

To check with different consumption, you must always select tarif and phase. It would be easier to keep the same selection if we could only change the consumption value.

KSEB Consumption (unit) Calculation:

The total power consumption is equal to the difference between initial KSEB energy motor reading to final KSEB energy meter reading.

Unit consumption = KSEB Energy meter final reading – KSEB Energy meter final reading.

KSEB Bill Calculation:

The KSEB bill calculator, also known as the Kerala State Electricity Board tariff calculator, is used to determine the exact amount of the electricity bill. The KSEB has two tariff rates based on consumption: telescopic rate and non-telescopic rate.

KSEB Bill Calculation for Telescopic Consumer (Under 250 Units):

The telescopic consumer has six types of slaps, including 0 to 40 units for 1.5, 0 to 50 units per unit cost will be 3.15, 51 to 100 units per unit cost will be 3.70, 101 to 150 units per unit cost will be 4.80, 151 to 200 units per unit cost will be 6.40, and 201 to 250 units cost will be 7.60.

Along with your kseb bill, we must pay a fixed cost, metre rent, 10% duty charges, and fuel surcharges. The fixed cost will vary depending on your monthly consumption.
If the consumer has a connected load of less than 1kW and consumes less than 40 units, the fixed charges are exempted


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