Jan Aushadhi Sugam (BPPI) app review

The spread of Covid has affected both the health sector and the economy. Not only that, the job loss of the common man and the financial burden due to it is increasing. In such a situation, common people find it difficult to afford essential medicines at very high prices. Today we are going to learn about a government scheme that provides affordable medicines that everyone should know about.

In most households today, there is no one without some form of illness. That is why medicine is an essential item in every household. If the prescription is usually bought at a medical store, they will charge a higher price for it. But if you get the same prescription at a regular drug store, you can get up to 90% off. Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana is a scheme to provide high quality medicines at affordable prices.

Jan Aushadhi Stores under the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Jan Aushadhi Yojana run with the help of the Central Government are now available in all parts of our region. But many people don’t know much about it. They are not popular because there are no billboards. But getting the daily medicine at an affordable cost is a big relief for the common man. Jan Aushadhi Sukha

With the app you can know if there are any Janaushadhi stores near your home that sell medicines at affordable prices and what medicines are available there.

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You can download Jan Aushadhisukham app from play store on your smart phone. Millions of people are currently using this app to get essential medicines at very low prices. The map provided by the app is very helpful to reach the store. If you find a Jan Aushadhi medicine store using an app like this, it will surely be very helpful for you and your close relatives. Janusdhi stores are very useful for many common people.

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