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Web Hosting for Small Businesses and Bloggers

Web hosting is now required for the majority of businesses, and a company cannot survive without internet marketing and online promotions.

Many new businesses spend the majority of their money on unnecessary hosting resources obtained from larger hosting packages because they believe it is better for their website.

In that case, Greengeeks assists you in making the most of the situation by providing the most iconic resources for a starting website or blog, which is sufficient for the majority of beginners.

And, as your business or traffic grows, you can upgrade your package accordingly with Greengeeks hosting packages, which are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Some reviewers do not recommend Greengeeks hosting for high traffic websites or large web pages. However, most users have no idea what traffic they can expect.

There could be a reason why webmasters recommend us for many of the web hosting services, and it isn’t just the affiliate commission they can earn.

It is our fault that we are unaware of the requirements and needs of our own website. First and foremost, we must comprehend the hosting requirements for our purposes.

If you are just starting out in business or are a new blogger, a basic web hosting package will suffice. Check out some of my blog posts for more information.

Some bloggers opt for free hosting with no future or very cheap hosting with no guaranteed resources, which defeats their purpose.

When we begin with any cheap hosting, it will run faster at first, and after a few days of hosting, you will be able to understand its true performance as it deteriorates day by day!

I also recommend Mrcloudhost for beginning bloggers. This is ideal and sufficient for a new blog.

When I say small businesses, I mean a website that is expecting a steady flow of traffic. Every day, over 250k websites are created, the majority of which are small businesses, blogs, or informational pages.

As a result, most of our requirements are minimal, and a standard hosting service with good infrastructure, such as Greengeeks, is sufficient for our websites and blogs.

Why Greengeeks host?

Greengeeks, in my opinion, is a traditional web hosting service with additional benefits that stands out among competitors.

Such as competitive performance, security, environmental friendliness, dependability, and so on.

You can easily set up a blog with pre-built and optimised scripts for any CMS using the quick start wizard.

More information about Greengeeks hosting and infrastructure can be found on their platform page: Why Greengeeks hosting?

You should ask why green hosting rather than Greengeeks. Aside from price, quality, scalability, and reliability, you should understand why green hosting is important and why we should do it for our environment.

The Green Ecosystem

The Internet is the fastest growing carbon polluting industry, and in terms of global pollution, it will surpass all other industries.

By selecting Greengeeks, you are selecting a hosting provider that makes it simple and quick to create websites while also helping the environment.

Cost Effective

Let’s take a look at Greengeeks’ pricing structure and give me your thoughts rather than mine:

Hosting a website:

Lite ($2.95)

Pro ($5.95)

($10.95) premium

You can get dedicated IP address, Multiuser Access, and Alpha SSL on shared hosting, which is not a common structure of shared hosting with such pricing.

VPS Management:

2GB Ram ($35.95)

4GB Ram ($59.95)

8GB Ram ($109.95)

You can get the full experience of a managed VPS Hosting by using the cPanel control panel, which includes many of the features required for many tasks in cPanel, such as the File Manager and Script Installations.

With the increased cPanel pricing, many managed VPS Hosting providers tend to raise their prices, as has happened here. There is nothing we or they can do.

Servers that are dedicated:

($169) Entry Server

($269) Standard Server

Elite Server (319 dollars)

Pro Server (439 dollars)

Greengeeks Dedicated Server hosting is the best way to elevate your web presence.Greengeeks Dedicated servers are designed for speed, dependability, security, and capacity.

Modern Script


Web and database servers that have been ultra-optimized allow for lightning-fast data read/write, serving pages up to 50 times faster.


Utilize LightSpeed’s caching technology to serve your favourite applications at lightning-fast speeds.


Take advantage of the most recent network protocol for significantly faster page loads in-browser. HTTP/3 necessitates encryption.

PHP7 Supported

We were among the first to implement PHP 7. PHP7 is enabled on all servers, allowing for faster PHP execution.

SOFTACULOUS: Softaculous is a one-click script installation software built on the cPanel powered by Greengeeks that allows users to install as many scripts as they want, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

24 Hour Customer Service

I’ve read many positive reviews about Greengeeks Hosting’s support department, and the system has recently been improved, so there’s no need to worry about not receiving a response to a support request.
Know any Greengeeks?

And for what purpose?

Let me list them without any twisted long sentences.

1. For those who want to start a website or blog for their business or for personal reasons.

2. For Eco-Friendly People who are concerned about our environment and nature.

I don’t know how much traffic their web hosting packages supported because no one can explain it to you because each website has a different purpose, resources, and root.

But consider this:

° Their standard web hosting package can support 50,000 – 100,000 visitors per month. [When it comes to concurrent visitors, shared hosting supports a maximum of 100 visitors per second with no speed fluctuations.]

° If you have more than 100,000 visitors, you should rent a VPS hosting service that is cost-effective and reliable.

° If you have more than 100,000 visitors, you should rent a VPS hosting plan that is cost-effective and provides guaranteed hosting resources.

° For more than Millions of visits, you should use their dedicated hosting servers, which have recently received positive feedback.

Greengeeks hosting stands out from the crowd due to

° Their commitment to environmental stewardship

° Their cutting-edge technology and infrastructure.

° There are far too many modern scripts, which is beneficial for the development and customization of your hosting.

° Economical and efficient

° Among the most effective encryption and security methods.

° Efficiency, When it comes to speed, Greengeeks hosting ranks among the top ten.

Greengeeks Public Review

I am doing small survey about greeengeeks hosting. in that survey i get so many positive reviews about greengeeks. the public response are I like their customer Support, low cost and high performing hosting.


Greengeeks hosting is without a doubt one of the best service providers available with eco-friendly benefits.

And, in my opinion, Greengeeks hosting is the best opportunity for high-quality webmasters to create and make web pages that are faster and safer.

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